Bunk Beds

Buying Bunk Beds for Kids

Bunk beds serve as an important item of furniture for every large family. The major selling point of bunk beds for kids is the fact that they save so much space in the bedroom. There are many furniture on-line stores that stock them, which mean that there is a vast selection for every taste. For families with many children having one or two of these beds is a great help.

Bunk Beds for Kids, Factors to Consider

Those who plan on purchasing bunk beds for kids in the near future have a few things to take into account. One of these is what style of bunk beds to purchase. There are many different styles. They range from twins to triplets and even to loft-style bunk beds. In most cases, the number of kids you have determines the best style for you.

Mattress Supplied or Not?

Always read the specification carefully as sometimes you might think "Wow those are really cheap bunk beds" only to find when they arrive that you have to buy mattress's separately. In our product reviews we always state clearly "mattress supplied" or "mattress not included."

Split into 2 Singles?

Some Bunk Beds are designed to be able to work equally well as a bunk or 2 singles but some are not. The ones are that aren't will not be safe if you split them so please check. Again in our reviews we always state if it is able to be safely split.

The framework of the bed is an important consideration as it determines the size of the mattress to be placed on the beds. This in turn is determined by the size of the children who will be using the beds. It is sometimes useful to add additional features to the bunk beds.

For example, dressers or desks are useful in the bedroom. Instead of building these separately, it is economical to include them in the bunk beds. It might cost a little more to do this, but in the end, it will be economical. Building separate features would cost more money than this integration.

Bunk Beds For Kids, what type of Frame?

Hard Wood, Soft Wood or metal? It is always advisable to choose beds with strong frames. The frame is a very significant part of a bed and if your children are the boisterous type they may be jumping up and down on them in no time.

For bunk beds made from wood, every joint should be strong so that the bed does not wiggle or dance when an older child climbs on it.

Getting one that is sturdy is easy to achieve if you purchase your bunk beds from reputable manufacturers and of course the ones we recommend here all have high customer feedback ratings or we simply will not put them on the website.

These top manufacturers have been in the business for a long time and understand all about bunk beds. They also have their reputation to protect. To this end, they often offer warranties and guarantees to their customers.

Since these beds are for children it makes sense to factor in safety precautions. To achieve this, one should ensure that all edges of the bed are rounded. Sharp edges can easily cut, bruise or scratch your kids. In the same line, it also pays to use safety rails on the sides so that your kids do not fall off their bunk beds.

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